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Mooie Elektrische Gitaren Koopt U Voordelig Online In Onze Webwinkel!

Schaller 12350100 Signum guitar bridge with locking studs


Signum guitar bridge with locking studs, 10,5mm spacing, 12″ radius, nickel

Signum – iconic bridges

Introducing the all new Schaller Signum locking bridge.

Designed to boost your guitars sound, playability and looks.
– Special design locking studs for tight connection and perfect sound coupling.
– Superb tonal definition by state-of-the-art string saddle shaping.
– Perfect natural resonance resulting in rich dynamics, sustain and overtones.
– Top surface elements designed for unparalleled playing comfort.
– Vast intonation space of 9 mm string saddle travel.
– Meticulously designed break and pressure angles.
– Optimized string-through-bridge routing for effortless restringing.
– Rectangular ballend retainer holes to prevent untwisting ballends.
– Elegance and versatility for all guitar styles.
– Suitable for curved and flat guitar tops alike.
– New die-cast zinc with machined special-design brass saddles.
– With its sleek design and unique construction details Signums G/D string height above body can be adjusted as low as 13.20 mm (0.520).

technical specification

distance height adjustment screws 81,8mm, string spacing E-e 52,5mm, string spacing individual 10,5mm, string radius 12“ (usable for fretboard 10-14 inch), minimal G/d string height above body 13,2mm, maximum string gauge 80, weight 90g (206g with accessories), for lefty: no

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